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    • CommentAuthorcharnish
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2008
    I was jailed for contempt after yelling at a judge because after 10 years of having my EX come around only to disrupt my life and hurt my child I was frustrated. I only mention that because durring my 10 day sentense I was supose to be given a hair test dispite 10 years of my ex being proven wrong in drug test after drug test. I keep my hair about 1/4 inch normaly and had no clue of the requirements for hair length as to me hair folical test ment testing the folical. 35 days into my 10 day sentense I was given a hair test and in county jail they give only one style cut which leaves little more then a 5 o-clock shadow on top. I was accused of purposly interfearing with the test that was supose to have been done 25 days earler and spent a total of 65 days in jail. from the day I was released until 55 more days had passed I was being tested by UA screens on random days at least once a week. Because I do not use drugs I did not think much of it and all the UA tests were fine. It was exactly 120 days that I was monitored by the courts in jail then by testing yet CPS who had come picked up my child the day I was released from jail solely on the bassis that I had not taken a drug test which I had no way of going to and was not transported to by the sheriff as ordered. Anyway 55 days my daughter had been gone and I was finialy able to take the test so I was sure she was comming home for the holidays. I never got the results from the lab and they still wont return my calls but somehow CPS had recieved the results which showed positive for straingly the same drug that my EX had accused me of which is methanphidmeans (however it is spelled). Then I started looking up this test and found that the fact that I had been hospitlized 3 times durring the 55 days prior to the test for phmonia which I had been taking SVN treatments with abuteral as well as my normal inhaler, multiple pain medication such as morphine, codine, vicodine not to mention over the counter cold medications of many different types so I could find a new job and a new place having lost my house in all this. I have tried many times to contact the lab and they do not return my calls and when I call to speak to someone other then this one person I am told that only that person knows anything about hair testing which seems odd to me at a place like TASC which has several offices and does nearly all the testing for maricopa county courts and government as well as private companys. I can not even find anything that says they found any medications I had been given and on your site the cut off for meth says federal standards are 300 but on the paper I got it said my hair contained 90 and the cut off was 30 so they say I was 3 times the limit. It seems strange that with hair that did not exist until at best 10 to 15 days after I was jailed if you count 10 to 15 days for growth starting until aparing above the skin. so 30 days after hair being shaved off leaves 10 to 15 days of hair but lets say 20 days of hair at the point of cutting. that means no hair was left that contained anything from before my 10th day of being jailed and 10 days is a week past the point of any one having any meth left in their system so even had I used there would be none in the hair on my head at the point of cut. 85 days of no posible way for me to have used anything as everyone aggreed they insisted that this test be done and they still have my daughter and clearly have no intention of giving her back dispite 6 or 7 months of clean UA's and a drug treatment class and a shrink all clearing it. They have only this test and my daughter who is normaly a streight A student and 2 months shy of 16 and wanting despreatly to come home. (by the way her mother didn't want her and never has but it is her 10 years of accuations this one after having not spoken to us in 5 years that caused the court to do this after I went to the court to get help to stop her after she had spent 3 months harassing the school and attacked two of my girlfriends kids. she was arrested on 5 felony drug charges at that time which her multimillion air father paid the $2000.00 fine for and she spent 6 months on probation for and was tested for drugs one time in 6 months but is now seen as perfect to the court even though she is a street junky. )

    Anyway how can I fight this test and is the standard now 30 rather then 300 or is someone messing with the papers and how can I get a copy of the results from the lab the hair was sent to which all i know for sure is that it is in california and we are in phoenix AZ.