12. Who Drug Tests?

Employers, parole officers, police, health insurance companies, the military, and as of recently, high school athletic coaches drug test. Many of these people are insensitive, unscrupulous, and could care less about constitutional rights. Some are forced into drug testing, like coaches for example. Parents who can't parent their children adequately have pressured high school coaches to enforce their drug-free values at the expense of civil rights. I do not know the methods these people use. It would be a full time job keep track of testing procedures of different organizations.

Please don't email me asking if or how your health insurance provider will drug test you. I don't know. If you have such a question, I suggest posting it to the relevant newsgroups or the mailing list.

12.1 Which Companies Test & Which Do Not?

There is a searchable database of companies that drug test, which can be found here.