Synthetic Powdered Urine

Synthetic Powdered Urine

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$43.95 USD

Synthetic powdered urine substitute is the produce we recommend above all other products. It has never failed a test, even the GC-MS, and it cannot be detected. This product may be used for scheduled or random drug tests. It consists of chemicals normally found in human urine.

Synthetic urine can be mixed prior to the test if you have a scheduled test, or in a random drug testing situation, it can be mixed with water at the time of the test.

The powdered urine kit is the people's choice to pass unsupervised urine tests, like pre-employment and random tests on the job. This is the only product we recommend for a job situation, regardless the sophistication of testing parameters.

We give you everything but the water.drug-free powdered urine:

Since this is drug-free human urine used to calibrate drug-testing machines, it has never failed in the history of the product.

At home, before the test, mix with water and stick the heater on the vial, read the temperature strip, sneak it into the bathroom and hand them that clean urine, instead of your own dirty urine.

You do not have to quit consuming toxins to pass, because we give you urine that looks, smells and behaves chemically as drug-free human urine. Since they test this clean urine, it doesn't matter what's in your urine at all.

The plastic vial with the powdered urine kit contains 50 mL. Federal drug-testing guidelines state that you need to submit at least 45 mL for your sample to be considered valid. We give you 5 mL extra.

The powdered urine kit comes with an air-activated heater, which takes about 15 minutes to get the water in the vial between 90 and 99° F.

The temperature strip, which reads between 90 and 100° F, is highly accurate, reusable and the highest quality component of the kit, so you know exactly when you are good to go.

Extra heaters are available at the time of purchase. They are highly recommended just case the test gets delayed. A digital thermometer is also available at the time of purchase. Some people find it helpful to use a thermometer so that people can make double sure that the temperature is in the right range. This option is highly recommended.